Why ReactJS Is More Popular These Days

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is the open source Javascript used to build user interfaces, especially for the single page applications. it doesn’t have maximum coding. It is the fundamentally a reusable UI components and small components put together to form big components. The strength of the big component is from small components. It was designed by Jordan Walke, a facebook Software engineer and deployed in the year of 2011.

Why ReactJS Is More Popular These Days

Why ReactJS?


ReactJS is simple to grasp and component-based approach with well structured. Just Plain Javascript makes ReactJS simple. Using ReactJS we can build professional Web that suits other gadget applications. ReactJs allows Special Syntax called JSX which is a combination of HTML and Java but it is not a mandatory one developer can use JavaScript too.

Easy to Learn:

ReactJs can be learned anyone who is having the interests and knowledge of programming. Angular and Ember are difficult to learn whereas React is not such mark because it needs basic knowledge of CSS and HTML.


ReactJS is flexible to work because it doesn’t offer any theory to develop the big program.it is easy to test and manipulate so we can take the output easily.

Above are the reasons for the popularity of ReactJS. Many people Recommending that this would be the one of best web development in future.  it is currently used by more a 10000 developers on more than million sites. they utilize the ReactJS.Huge Popularity comes from the use of top companies like Facebook, Uber, PayPal etc. the Credibility came from a lot of people on this framework.

There is Some Disadvantage of ReactJS. Those need more coding in some cases. it requires manual processing of Data Changes.

Why More Preference?

ReactJS is allowing developers to write their apps in JavaScript. JSX is the Best features to make easy and gun too. it allows developers to make new UI feature and see it appear in Real. It allows HTML into your JavaScript.

It is Built up of Components so it allows the developer to break the UI. This idea makes ReactJS Unique. It helps the web app rehabilitation by solving the exact component.

Comparision Of Java Frameworks:

Highest Number of the users using ReactJS whereas Backbone is the JS which is used by lesser users. As far as speed is concerned ReactJS and VueJS are speed. React and Vue is based on components so it can be tracked during rendering. this means

Future of ReactJS:

JSX syntax May Not require keys because they are an enthusiastic team so they may add a lot of new features on that. The team May concentrate on error handling because it is awkward to handle in runtime errors.it will improve on server-side rendering.

ReactJS a big business:

we always need a small solution for the all our big problems. ReactJs is the Software which gives the optimum solution for the problems. it gives the best UI to enhance the website traffic. it is the best choice for the entrepreneurs and businessmen.

I hope the article helped you with the ReactJS.

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