Infertility Buffers Indian silicon valley

Infertility buffers Indian silicon valleys

India is the leading developing nation for the software environment. Companies like google, yahoo, ESPN, Infosys, CTS, TCS are spread over the nation. Almost world’s top companies are situated at least one of the A graded cities. The number of young blood like in the age group of 21-35 are associated with those companies.

Environment Makes Difference:

The environment which they are working is a lot more flexible in the way of timings but on the deadlines, they must have to associate lot more hours to finish the work. The environment that leads to stress in the mind so that spoil the health of young blood of our nation. In companies they have the clubs like recreational, sports etc. some companies arrange team outing often. Those are not enough to solve so some people are individually going to yoga centres to learn few things to recover from the stressed situation.

Stress Made them Discomfort:

As far as health issues are concerned stress plays key member for the all the problems such as dental issues, infertility and many other major health issues. But now a day’s infertility develops very rapidly so the hospitals related to such health issues are growing like forest fire but it is not a fair one.

Secondary Lifestyle affects :

In general, our ancestors were born with a lot of people as siblings without any organized health department structure but now we have enough facility to save a child but we have the problem of infertility so it hurts everyone. The reason behind there is the secondary lifestyle has been changed due to the work environment that is younger people used to sleep in the midnight and wake up late in the morning. That’s why the hospitals are developing rapidly and recently one of the south Indian Silicon Valley got the hospital relevant to infertility. The hospitals are advertising like the unfair way so it should be eradicated because of it leads to bad effect over the time. So government should take necessary action in favour of young blood of India to protect the health issues
it is mandatory to save the health with good and organized medical structure
On behalf of Discountjee Software Solutions LLP, we are making awareness on the Health issue

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