Debut Test of Afghanistan in India

Debut Test of Afghanistan in India

Cricket is the world’s richest and maximum fan followers game in the world with only less than 20 nations are playing it in internationally. Cricket is the Gentlemen game and it is playing for 2 centuries. here we are going to discuss Afghanistan’s tour in India for the Debut test.

Review of the teams

India sent a team under Mumbai man Rahane with Dinesh Karthik as a keeper instead of Saha. It was a balanced side because India has a good batting starts from Dhawan, Vijay, and Rahul, in bowling Yadav and Ishant and all-rounders Pandya, Ashwin and Jadeja did their job well in the test match which was ended in two days. Now Afgan, Shahzad played well in first-class matches his avg is 50+ but he didn’t perform well as an opener. Next is captain Stanikzai, he is having good middle order batsmen but he failed to perform, nabi an SRH all-rounder has good experience on Indian soil conditions because he recently played in IPL has not even scored 50 in any one of his innings this shows that they are weak on the consistency.

Match Point:

As far as India is concerned they have taken wickets on the sessions they it induced them. but in Afghan side, they failed to take a wicket in their first session and Dhawan scored a century in the first session itself. it was big match point which turns the match. Test matches are like giving your ability with consistency. you have to play a five day may be in three you might be in the field. In this match, Afghan bowled well in the post-lunch and after lunch sessions. but this is not a fair one to sustain.

Ticket Return:

In India and for India no match was ended within two days even the rain came to play on the field. but first time in Indian history it happened because of Afghan’s inconsistency. The match was ended in two days so tickets booked for the third, fourth and fifth day has been returned to the all the persons may register their return on 20th of June and within fifteen days they may get their charge in wallet/account.

Good Moment :

Rahanes called all the players and praised the seamer of the opposite side and wished them for the Ramzan by saying EID MUBARAK.


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