Apple iPhone 8S+

Apple Gadgets:

Apple is the company founded by Jobs and Wozniak in the year 1976. Apple I is the first product which created name and fame to the company. later a year they have launched another PC that is Apple II.  later it has grown with the number of hurdles to stand in the current position. Apple has launching number of Gadgets like Phone, TV,iPad, Watch, Desktops, Laptop and many other accessories.  Lets us Discuss iPhone8S+ which is going to launch in the month of August 2018.

Apple’s Other Features

Apple is the only gadgets which are having its own OS and it doesn’t have dual sim card facility so far. The OS which can not be easily affected by malware. The Data stored here can be stored in Cloud also because this you can download the data anytime time. Through the internet, we can store the larger number of data.

Apple iPhone 8S+ features :

Apple iPhone 8S+ would be the little more weight phone in the apple’s other models. it is around 202 grams because it has the volume of 158.44mm*78.1mm*7.7mm. The screen of this would be 5.5 inches, the camera is 12Mega Pixel TelePhoto and front would be 7MP. it is running on the iOSv11 and hexacore processor paired with 4GB RAM with Onboard storage of 64GB. As far as other features like the display are concerned it gives Retina HD display, 3D touch display which holds 1920*1080 pixel resolution and its fight against splash, dust, and water. Next would be recording the videos of 4K in 24fps,30fps,60fps and optical image stabilization, to get the digital 6X zoom of the image in video supports on wifi calling, Volte LTE/4G and video calling. Earphones are connected with 3.5mm Jack adapter  with lighting connectors

Apple power :

The battery is the spine of the Mobile to stand alone and fast charging within 30 minutes 50% can be charged. it should be good condition and fully charged. The Battery is 2812 mAH lithium battery with wireless charging. it can be running for 21 hours only talk time. Especially internet only can run up to 14 hours no other Apple phone as such features so far.

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